Wooden fruit and flowers

Posted on April 09, 2017
Petworth House and Grinling Gibbons
Wooden fruit and flowers

Mr Mole and I took a leisurely drive to Petworth to visit the house and gardens. Not to mention have the obligatory greedy guts cream tea. 

Our timing coincided with:

a) annual joint membership due to expire end of May so pack 'em in

b) the last of the daffodils

c) the last of the primroses

d) the arrival of bluebells

e) the first day of the Easter Break.

I spent a good thirty minutes gawping at the astonishing carvings of Grinling Gibbons. They really are to be marvelled at ( see link below for better pics than my Iphone )

Then I spent the next couple of hours throwing myself on the ground like some sort of freak sniffing the Pheasant Eye daffs and the violets. Needless to say, Mr Mole walked on ahead....


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