Posted on July 19, 2017
A confection of peaches and pinks.

Today's wedding took place after an immense thunderstorm had cleared the air from the muggy day before so it was a real treat to be wandering the grounds of beautiful Mordern Hall in South London, freshly washed with rain.

We provided lime green hydrangeas in bubble vases for the guest tables and an epic staircase garland of summery foliages. A modest flowery arbor welcomed the guests and continued the theme of peach, pink and greens. We also decorated the gorgeouse ceremony room with green tulle bows.

Because I am rubbish, I forgot to snap the bridal bouquet which was a heavenly scented and wild affair of peach and pink roses, tuberose, molucella and scented apricot stocks with wild grass and fresh mint so you will have to use your imagination until I get a pic of the real thing.


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